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Mordbrannen på Scandinavian Star

Socius Music has composed the music for NRK's new documentary about the tragic arson on the ferry Scandinavian Star in 1990. 159 people died in the fire, and numerous theories and allegations have been presented over the 30 years since the event. This intriguing documentary tells you the story and sheds light on some of these theories. You can listen to the documentary on NRK's podcast page here:

Hele Historien: Mordbrannen på Scandinavian Star

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"Without music, life would be a mistake"
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We had a creative and professional dialogue with Socius Music. They demonstrated an in-depth understanding and great flexibility, which are crucial traits and skills to be able to deliver tailor made music and sound for a documentary which targets both a national and an international audience.

Kjetil Saugestad - Project Manager, Podcast/Radio documentary, NRK

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