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Symphonic Love

String orchestra and a grand piano

Jon and I are completely in love with the sound of a symphonic orchestra and the grand piano. But hiring the LA Phil and a Steinway to realize your ideas is not always an option;-) It’s an extremely expensive and time consuming project. So, if you’re not John Williams or Hans Zimmer... Fortunately, with modern technology, there are ways. If you have the musical knowledge and creativity, and if you are willing to spend countless hours on a steep learning curve, fiddling with your keyboard and Mac - you can achieve astonishingly realistic scores.

Our main tools are Steinberg’s Cubase and the Hollywood Orchestra and Pianos from EastWest Quantum Leap. Thanks to their extremely skilled engineers, the symphonic Hollywood sound is now within reach for lesser known composers and small studios. And if you combine the sampling technology with live recordings of solo instruments, the results are amazing.

Everything you hear on these webpages is the result of keen love for music, skilled use of modern technology and - last, but not least - the passion of great musicians playing live!

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Bendik Engebretsen

Musician and Composer
Web Designer
Graphics Designer
Software Developer

"Without music, life would be a mistake"
Friedrich Nietsche

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We had a creative and professional dialogue with Socius Music. They demonstrated an in-depth understanding and great flexibility, which are crucial traits and skills to be able to deliver tailor made music and sound for a documentary which targets both a national and an international audience.

Kjetil Saugestad - Project Manager, Podcast/Radio documentary, NRK

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